Software from our Group

Efficient Ancient Genome Reconstruction.
Mayday is a microarray data analysis platform and is designed to be a flexible solution for processing microarray data. It features interactive visualization as well as a plug-in framework to support analytical tools.
mitoBench is an integrated workbench for mitochondrial data analysis, incorporating several state of the art visualisation methods and accompanying data handling tools for easier analysis.
Alignment visualization based on SuperGenome coordinates.
Comparative TSS prediction from RNA-seq data.
Interactive Pan-genome Visualization
Interactive Phased Haplotype Visualization
Reveal is our visual analytical approach to the challenges of eQTL data exploration and visualization.
nocoRNAc is a software for the automated prediction and characterization of ncRNA transcripts in bacterial genomes
GaggleBridge is a software supporting collaborative research based on the Gaggle.
Scalable visual analytics framework for high dimensional data.